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As a Brand Partner you can make extra money selling products and if you’re interested, you may also invite others to join as Brand Partners and build a team of your own. When your team generates product sales of their own, you can qualify to earn cash bonuses on their sales.

You may also save money on the beauty products you buy for yourself and your family as you will buy them at a reduced rate. Many of our Brand Partners choose to turn their beauty sideline into more of a business, while others are happy making extra money off product sales. Whatever you prefer, we’d love to have you with us, and we’ll support you all the way.

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You decide how much time you want to put in on sharing, promoting and selling beauty products. Whether you want to make extra money selling products on the side or to put in more time and energy by inviting others to be Brand Partners, you will have the freedom to plan your time in a way that suits you and your life. It’s up to you!

Once you’ve joined, we’ll set you up with your own online Personal Beauty Store, where you can start to share, promote and sell Oriflame products. You’ll also have access to our industry leading onboarding tool: Launchpad, that will lead you on the first stages of your journey, step by step.

You may always contact your Brand Partner sponsor for more details and support on getting started. You might want to purchase a catalogue to explore our product offering or get more samples to share with your contacts. We also have a number of award-winning business and beauty apps, including our SkinExpert diagnostic app to help you recommend and sell our clinically proven, premium skin care routines. So, download the apps and start exploring!

There are two ways of making money as a Brand Partner: One, sell products and make 23% on your customer orders. In addition, if you’re interested, you can also invite others to join as Brand Partners. When they generate product sales of their own, you can qualify to earn cash bonuses on their sales.

You will then make money on your team’s sales as well as on your own.

Yes, the joining fee is free. You get your own online Personal Beauty Store where you can promote and sell Oriflame products, as well as access to a host of events and trainings in beauty and business. 

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